MCC, IMCC, PCC, PDB, Busduct, APFC, AMF, Junction Box, Control Station

Since its inception in the year 1996, TTS Systematix gradually emerged as a leading name among the Panel Manufacturers in India. We are proud of our technical mastery achieved through deployment of dedicated human and machine resources for continual improvement of standard of our products -

Motor Control Centers (MCC)
Intelligent Motor Control Centers(IMCC)
Power Control Centers (PCC)
Power Distribution Boards (PDB)
Auto Mains Failure Boards (AMF)
Automatic Power Factor Correction Boards (APFC)
Junction Boxes (JB)

Our MCCs are for three-phase alternating current motors ranging from 230 V to 600 V.

We are committed to continuous improvement of our products and services to ensure customer satisfaction through a keen attention to details. Consequently our standards for Busbar Design & Alignment, Cabling & Termination, Ferrule Marking, Nameplates etc. match the best in the Industry. Our product features are as below -

Modular & Bolted Construction. Fault withstanding capability upto 100 KA for 1 second (CPRI). Powder Coated Sheet Steel Enclosures. Drawout / Non-drawout options. Busbars designed to cater to loads up to 6500 Amps. Upto IP-65 Protection Class. Copper / Aluminium Busbar based on application requirement. Compartmentalized with Rear and Front Insulated Protection. Busbars mounted on DMC / SMC Insulators. State-of-the-art Cable Termination and Printed PVC Ferrules. Space economic layout of vertical droppers from the main buses Laser engraved Name Plates. Overhead Bus Chambers. Maintenance Friendly.

Degree of Protection : IP-65 (Category II); IS: 13947 (Part-1), 1993
Temperature Rise : Maximum 70 deg. C. on Busbar and Busbar Joints;
IS: 8623 (Part-1), 1993
Short Circuit Withstand Strength : 100 KA for 1.0 second with Initial Peak of 143 KA;
IS: 8623 (Part-1), 1993
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