Factory, Process Automation with PLC, Drive, HMI, Servo

Automation is at the core of our business. Way back in 1996, a fledgling company called TTS Systematix entered the field of Automation. It was not a considered choice, but more an accident, being the best available among various business options for a small company to pursue it's goal to set up a manufacturing business, and in turn serve an add to the nation's wealth.

Living up to this goal was not so easy. But it is with a sense of pride and achievement that we state that it is AUTOMATION which has given us the required opportunity to live up to this goal, i.e. explore the limits of technology and create an outlet for creative expression through the products we make and solutions we deliver.

For years, our team with specialized skill in development of Automation Systems have implemented many prestigious projects across the length and breadth of the Indian subcontinent.

Going beyond the boundaries of the country, we have also executed many Automation projects in countries like Malaysia, Dubai, Turkey, Morocco, Srilanka, China, Indonesia, Australia, Vietnam, Kenya, Iran, Jordon, South Africa, Syria, Nepal, Bhutan etc.

With the combination of wide range of automation products in our basket like PLC, Drive, Servo, HMI etc. and our promptness in understanding customer requirements and our ability to deliver the right solution at the right time; we have earned excellent reputation in the industry as one of the leading Automation Solution Providers.

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